Thursday, December 21, 2006

I'm sure I'm going soft

My dear old Mum loved Christmas. This cross-stitch was one of the last things she worked on, whilst she was ill in 1998.

My Uncle Arthur has just returned it to me after finding it (and a similar piece) while clearing out his workroom. Dad must have taken them down to Arthur in Plymouth for framing before Mum died.

Cross-stitch really isn't my taste in artwork, but Mum did have a certain skill, albeit waning by the time she did this one.

As a 'devout' atheist with no belief in an afterlife I can't believe that receiving these pieces of craft feels like a Christmas present from my Mum, but it does. Jeez - I am going soft. Don't tell anyone, will you, I've got a reputation to keep up.

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