Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rambert in Plymouth

For fairly obvious reasons, I've had to nick the photo from the internet. They discourage flash photography at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth.
Nicky and I were lucky enough to go and see The Rambert Dance Company last night, and were blown away by the marvellous performance. I've seen a previous performance (although that was 20 years ago) and, if anything, they've got even better.
The company is celebrating its 80th birthday this year, and the dancers are looking very well preserved for octagenarians. Sadly, no matter how much I recommend the show, the tour is finishing tonight and you've missed them until next time they head down this way.
We saw three pieces: "Stand & Stare", "Lady into Fox" and "bloom", each of which was stupefying in its own way. Watching the Ramberts is a bit like trying to understand a finely written poem or a brilliant abstract painting; sometimes you're not sure exactly what is happening or why, but you're drawn in just the same by the outstanding skills on display and the deeply atmospheric staging.
If you get the opportunity to see a performance by this lot, go. Even if you're not convinced that you'll enjoy an evening of dance. I think you'll find yourself amazed.

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