Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Brief Extra Christmas

Nigel (that's the kids' old boy) arrived for a visit, bringing his mum with him, and one of the first jobs after the ritual cuppa was to distribute Christmas pressies to the young folk whom he hadn't been able to see over the festive season itself. That's Nigel standing up in the photo along with L-R: Nicky, SBPF, DozyBean, Ivy, Ollie and Rob.

Nigel's mum, Elin is out of shot, so here's what she looks like:

Ollie & Ivy are still together - they celebrated their monthiversary very recently. I'm not sure how worried I should be that Ollie now keeps his slippers and toothbrush here. I was delighted to hear him getting the "Ollieee!" treatment in Ivy's best complaining stridently voice as he took "unauthorised" photos of her. This, of course, degenerated into horse-play which looked more like what used to be called petting. Nigel left the room once, as he put it, it got "slurpy".

My personal favourite of the pressies that Nigel proffered was Rob's hat from Prague which has a Hammer & Sickle soviet star on the front. Now why would I like that?.

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