Monday, January 01, 2007

Cawsand Dippers

Most readers of this blethering will already know that it has become a New Year's Day tradition that a bunch a bleeding nutters gather on Cawsand beach around noon and take a quick dip to raise lots of lovely moolah for charity. (This year, the named charity was Rame Responders - a great cause).
We've not ever attended before, viewing New Year's Day as one of those mooching around days, recovering from entertaining a small to middling group of "Poches au Vin" (that's French for pissheads). However, this year we were shocked to witness middle child, Rob, stumbling down the stairs at just after 11 o'clock nursing both a monumental hangover and sore knackers from being kicked in the dingly-danglies last night and announcing that he and his mate, Doug, were taking part this time. That's them in the photo, having emerged from the water.
Into the car and up to the beach we trogged. There was a fair old crowd already, and we happily stood on the damp sand under the glowering sky and suffered icy winds and a hailstorm to watch the young prat get even more cold and wet than we were. In all the excitement, Rob neglected to raise any sponsorship and so suffered for no good reason at all. Any particularly generous readers might feel kindly towards the dripping one and should feel free to drop him a pound or two which will go to the Lions for their chosen charity. It might make him feel better.
Donations can be deposited with yours truly or the lovely Nicky at the Mark of Friendship, no ale will be bought using said donations, promise.
I'll also take this posting as an opportunity to wish all and sundry a very Happy New Year (even any Conservative Parliamentary Candidates who might live in Millbrook).

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