Monday, January 22, 2007

Eddie Stobart - Pah!

Self knowledge is a wonderful thing, and I am quite self aware. I am self aware enough to understand that getting excited about Eddie Stobart lorries is not a cool thing to do. It doesn't do anything for one's reputation for sangfroid even if one had such a reputation in the first place.

Because of this self knowledge I don't ever (that's ever) get excited about seeing an Eddie Stobart lorry. I only wave to Eddie Stobart drivers as a form of post modern irony.

But I must share my unalloyed pleasure in spotting, at Tregantle today, one of Norbert Dentressangle's finest. This is in no way a sad thing to get excited about. All right-thinking peoples' hearts are gladdened by the sight of one of Norbert's big red camions.

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