Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More contempt from those at the top

Ruth Kelly, erstwhile education secretary and now something or other about "communities" .
I awoke this morning to the news that she's decided to send her offspring to be privately educated. At a cost of £15,000 per year. That's not far off my total annual income! Just like the hypocritical Diane Abbott, just like the liar from No 10.
Of course, she'll say that "as a parent, I'm only trying to do what's best for my child". What she means is "bollocks to the rest of you, I can afford it and you can go hang".
It is, of course, symptomatic of this New Conservative government, which has dropped all pretence of wanting to look after those in greatest need in favour of sucking up to the captains of industry and making sure the wealth gap increases. It's a classic example of "I'm alright, Jack".
Words can barely express how much I detest what these deceitful, arrogant, neo-religious bastards have done to my party and my country.

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