Thursday, February 01, 2007

The A2Bers were there...

Carol & Mark, Millbrook's Number One Quiz Team were once again at the 'Ark of Friendship last night for this month's one hundred questions.

We played the usual eight rounds of ten questions with twenty points up for grabs in picture puzzles and "name the person" photos.
Jenny and Arkwright are on holiday at the moment so we were hosted by Lady Megan and her bloke, Dick (or is that the other way around?). Megan was a little quieter than usual, probably no bad thing; the pub as a whole was noisier than usual on a quiz night which made things a bit more difficult than I'd like, but apparently some German bods were quite fascinated by the picture puzzle round (try doing one of those in another language).

We had Jo staying with us for a couple of nights, so she joined in, quizzing away with Dong & Shaz in a scratch team calling themselves Norfolk & Chance plus The Big D. They came a very creditable third. This is Dong and Jo after their success.
The full results:
1st, 80/100: Decision Makers
2nd, 67/100: West St Wanderers
3rd, 63/100 Norfolk & Chance plus The Big D
4th, 62/100 Syzygy
5th 58/100 I Dunno
6th 54/100 Non Comprende
7th 45/100 Bar Staff
8th 40/100 A2Bers
9th did not finish: Caribbean Queens, withdrew after three rounds due to having a small child with them.
Next quiz night not yet confirmed - but March 14th is looking favourite.

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