Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A silent film night

At long last, after asking at least two questions in the Mark quiz about it, I've seen Fritz Lang's 1926/27 classic "Metropolis". In the second of our impromptu film "club" evenings we were joined by Dong and Sharon to watch two hours worth of early twentieth century science fiction.

I think we all enjoyed it, but probably not for the right reasons. We managed to remain serious and pseudo studious about a piece of cinema history for roughly the first fifteen minutes or so, and then its sheer preposterousness got the better of us.

I particularly liked the hero ("Freder") doing running. He did running very very well, and quite often banged into doors as well. We were all delighted to read the characters names of "Grot" and "Rotwang" (Rotwang is pictured left with his creation, the "evil Maria"). After the film, Nicky did an extremely good impersonation of Grot performing his dance of delight during the burning-the-evil-Maria scene.

I'm very glad we saw it; it was an experience. Apart from taking the piss, it did have some tremendous set pieces, and the first ever cinematic scene of bringing a monster alive a-la Doctor Frankenstein. I'd certainly watch it again.
The DVD's gone back now, and we should receive the slightly more up-to-date "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" starring the ever wonderful Johnny Depp in time for next weekend - Don? Shaz? Keith? Fancy coming round for that one?

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