Saturday, April 14, 2007

The day of judgement looms...

Election day is fast rising over the horizon and those clever chaps at NO2iD have asked those of us who are registered supporters to get some answers from our local candidates about their own attitudes to the introduction of ID cards and the national "security" database that is so beloved of our dear leaders.

I've sent off the following text to all three candidates standing for Millbrook that I know of:

ID Questionnaire - sent to all candidates.

You will no doubt be aware of the plan to introduce compulsory ID cards and a set of linked databases to manage a "National Identity Scheme". As this is an issue that will affect each and every voter, I am sending you this short questionnaire so as to determine your position on the nationalisation of personal identity.

1. Do you support plans for a Home Office agency to track the life-history of every person over the age of 16 resident in your ward? YES/NO

2. Do you support expenditure of your authority's funds on integrating council computer systems with the Home Office identity management databases and 'verification charges' for council services? YES/NO

3. Two dozen local authorities, the Welsh and London Assemblies and the Scottish Parliament have passed motions opposing the National Identity Scheme. If elected, will you vote for/oppose/abstain on such a motion? VOTE FOR/OPPOSE/ABSTAIN

Please add any comments you may have:

Thank you in advance for your reply. It is my intention to publicise the responses I receive so that voters may be clear on each candidate's position before voting on May 3rd.

Election fever starts here! Ho-hum.

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