Monday, April 23, 2007

A Glimpse Into Cousin Dave's Lovely Home

Cousin Dave is something of an artist. A real one. He's been commissioned to design and create the award for this year's Association of Colleges Beacon Award ceremony. The ceremony will take place at the House of Commons; so it's a pretty big thing. It recognises work done by and in colleges of further education. The photo above shows a detail of the first award piece made by Dave; it's currently on his mantlepiece. It's a seriously heavy piece of glass, any winner should be delighted to own it.

Visiting Cousin Dave is a bit like going to check out a decent gallery, his sitting room is filled with interesting objets d'art, and most of them are his own work. One day he's going to start selling his work, and when he does I recommend grabbing some if it. The glasswork and ceramics are quite something.

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