Sunday, May 20, 2007

Anti Social Piloting

Did anyone else find themselves disturbed this Sunday afternoon by the selfish twat piloting his light aeroplane in repeated circles over Millbrook?

By my reckoning this aircraft started circling at about 15:35 / 15:40 and by the time it left to do another large amount of circling over St John I had timed it at 16:04. That's at least 24 minutes of low flying (by my guess, although I'm no expert, it was at about 200-250ft) with its incessant buzzing. Irritated the hell out of me as I tried to exercise my right to peaceful enjoyment of my garden.

Not to mention to appalling waste of fuel and massive carbon emissions for seemingly no purpose whatever.

The registration number of the aircraft is G-FLNY. I think I can complain to the CAA and am investigating, does anyone know better?

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