Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Boo...Rain on Black Prince Day

I have a couple of "favourite days" in the year. One is Black Prince Day in Millbrook and Kingsand/Cawsand. I love to see people dancing the Morris and slurping the ale. We try to make sure we're able to spend at least most of the day following the revelry around the local hostelries.

This year, the weather was against us (not to mention against the poor blighters who were committed to following the whole route dancing and/or playing etc).

We made it to the dance outside the Heart In Hand and then the whole thing broke for lunch , as did we. Then the heavens opened, so we stayed indoors until Mr Sunshine showed himself again at around 4 o'clock (when Black Prince stuff should have been over).

On the bright side, Black Prince Day coincided this year with Dozybean's departure from her teenage years and her entry into her third decade of doziness. Once we'd given up on any hope of seeing more dancing without getting a soaking we ventured to the Mark of Friendship for an ale or two before setting up camp on the upper patio where EarMatt showed off his new binoculars and we enjoyed a bottle of very nice Pey la Tour 2005 to mark Dozybean being twenty. Huzzah!

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