Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Voters of Millbrook, oh foolish people

Well, there she is. The gurning and self-satisfied Sheryll Murray. Somehow, despite a personality as pleasant as a slap on the arse and having actually achieved nothing for the village for the last four years (although she will claim to have done everything), 543 of Millbrook's finest decided the Hounster Harpy was fit to be re-elected as our District Councillor, thus condemning our good Parish Councillors to another few years of endless drivel and party political grandstanding during her interminable "reports" at Parish meetings which normally consist of telling everyone how the Lib Dems haven't done anything and how she and the Tories actually run the universe entirely selflessly on behalf and for the good of Millbrook (yeah, yeah and Dave Cameron's not a privileged git at all).

I'd like to acknowledge the decent enough support given to Julie Elworthy who scored 175 votes despite a very low-key campaign. A kick start to the campaign about two months ahead, some definite policy ideas and another couple of leaflet drops might have made all the difference. We'll have to find Julie a campaign manager - she'd be an excellent councillor but the people of Millbrook need to be told that, and be told more often.

In the meantime the new-look Parish Council met last night for the first time and Frances Brennan was duly (and not unexpectedly) elected as Chair with Auntie Shazzeroonypoos as Vice-Chair (similarly not unexpected). We bid a fond farewell to outgoing Chairman Piers Taylor and to several long serving councillors, all of whom have more than "done their bit" to help make Millbrook run smoothly.

There are still five places available to community minded people to serve as councillors and help to shape the village's future, just write an application letter to the Parish Clerk, Richard Woodley, at the village hall and he'll present it for consideration at the next possible council meeting.

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