Monday, June 25, 2007

Safari Supper the Third

The latest instalment of the Millbrook Safari Supper circle took place on Saturday evening and it provided two very important lessons.
Firstly, don't take plenty of photographs for a blogsite on a camera that is normally kept in your wife's handbag which is then whisked off to Plymouth leaving a blogger without much material to work with.
Hence the only remotely publishable photo of the evening that I can lay my hands on above. Featuring Nicky's glamourously covered back view, a grinning Richie, Tony Mann's slightly thinning pate, Auntie Sharon and a bit of Lynny.
Secondly, and I'm sure Tony won't take umbrage - barbecues probably aren't the ideal cooking equipment for time controlled Safariing especially when the unfortunate barbecuer gets a drenching downpour just as the coals get to the right temperature. That said, the eventually resultant fish and prawn kebabs and homemade meatballs with couscous served as a delicious starter at Tony & Sue's pad.
Dong and Shazzerooneypoos provided an scrummity Mediterranean chicken jobber with French bread at Dong's place for mains before the crew descended upon our 'umble abode for River Cafe "quick rich chocolate cake", prepared by Nicky's own fair hand and served with fresh strawberries.
Dragging our now bulging tummies up hill to Lynny & Richie's eyrie for cheese and port along with some of Lynny's homemade choccies was a harder task than might have been anticipated - but well worth strapping on the crampons and getting out the ice-axes for.
I think we're doing cheese and port etc next time; best make sure I'm not working the following day. For anyone present who can't remember the order of play next time:
Starters: Lynny & Richie // Mains: Tony & Sue // Puds: Dong & Shazzer // Finish at Millbrooker Towers.

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