Monday, July 02, 2007

Millbrook goes smoke free

Along with the rest of the country Millbrook became subject to the smoking ban at six a.m. on Sunday morning.
None of us actually got out of bed especially to mark the occasion at such an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning, but celebratory plans were already well afoot by then.

Because our clothes wouldn't get smelly and horrible from tobacco smoke we dressed in as much finery as we could muster (or be arsed to muster) and Russell rustled up a special Sunday lunch at the D & C featuring dishes using smoked ingredients (smoked mackerel pate, smoked gammon....etc).

All of us diners are shown above and I'd like to apologise for disturbing Rob & Helen's quiet Sunday lunch with our ribald repartee. They couldn't have been too upset as Helen kindly took the shot for us.

The Tony Harris Quartet supplied musical entertainment in the beer garden (the inveterate smokers in our midst were glad of the opportunity to light up in an unenclosed public space).

EarMatt and Dozybean joined us later, and were looking particularly elegant in traditional evening dress.

The day hit a bit of a low point when we moved across to try a smoke free Mark of Friendship and some of our crew were given an undeserved and unwarned soaking by Jenny despite obviously being in expensive and elegant clothing . Suffice to say we have withdrawn our tankards from the 'Ark and will no longer be frequenting it's interior, I believe that Dong, Shazzerooneypoos and Lynny will also be spending their hard-earned at the D&C from hereonin. Unpleasant and unnecessary.

So it was back to the D & C to deposit our tankards and round off the evening in slightly damp evening wear.

Thanks, as usual, to Russell & Mark for their hospitality and excellent catering and also to all of our muckers who made the day memorable and fun. There aren't many photos from the day, but what I have are available on the complete photo sets link to the right.

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