Friday, August 24, 2007

George came for a visit

This is George. George lives on Blindwell Hill and enjoys a frequent constitutional around Newport Street and its environs.

Millbrook dwellers may have seen the lost cat notice in Widdecombe's window over recent days which has now been replaced with a found cat notice and a plea from George's servants (remember a cat owns you, not the other way around) not to feed him or be taken in by his little-boy-lost act. He has some sort of medical condition that he'll fail to tell you about before guzzling anything you put in front of him and then suffer afterwards, making his servants wild with worry.

George paid us a brief visit during his "lost" period and we duly called the ancient family retainers on Blindwell Hill who told us that he'd actually been found several days before (so why didn't they take the lost cat notice down and save us all a lot of bother?) Anyway, I'm sure all right thinking Millbrookers will feel happy that George is once again being looked after in regal style at his proper home. Should you see him meandering around Newport Street, he's partial to a bit of fussing - but don't give him anything to eat.

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