Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sacrificial lamb burgers in Millbrook

On the list of Things-That-Make-You-Feel-Manly, poking a fire with a stick figures quite prominently. Fiddling with lamb cinders over a gas-barbie is also a jolly good indicator of someone doing the macho thing. Dong bucked the normal trend by sporting a very nice pinnie whilst feeling well fuelled by testosterone.

Shazzerooneypoos and Dong hosted a barbecue celebrating nothing in particular apart from friendship and Millbrookness on Auntie Sharon's fine decking platform overlooking more or less everything in our fair village.

Most of the local glitterati were there: Paul and Frances B, Ralphie "superhero" Winsor, Frankenkeith, Chrissie and Kevin (whom we've not seen for ages) and Richie "comb-over" Meeson with Lynny in tow. Lynny's girl Laura and her mate Becks (quite why she's named after a German beer, I couldn't work out) were there for the food bit but disappeared before the wine slurping got too out of hand.

As the evening wore on the temperature dipped a little out on the decking and several of our number (those without proper circulation) felt the need for additional coverings. Mrs The Millbrooker gratefully accepted the use of a pair of Dong's socks and a hospital blanket and Lynny certainly made herself look elegant in another pair of Dong's finest tootsie warmers.
Eventually those still standing were enticed indoors by Dong lighting a wood fire (it's August - what's happened to balmy summer's evenings?) Dong gave us one of his endearing renditions of "Me & Bobby McGee" shortly before I was taken home somewhere around midnightish after quaffing one or two too many glasses of vino-mucho-collapso. My head did a bit of hurting this morning.
Everyone had a spiffingly excellent time whilst I was still conscious and doubtless continued so to do after we headed for home; we should say a big thank you to our hosts for a good fun evening. Burp.
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