Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hard at work at Millbrooker Towers

This is the lithe and sprightly Graham, clambering atop Millbrooker Towers and gently stripping the roof of the last of its weather protection.

We've had the pleasure of Graham's company almost every day now since around mid July and we're starting to see a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel that is the enormous amount of work needed to make the house properly habitable again.

We're still more or less camping as the rear roof sections are covered in tarpaulin rather than slate, but the structure is a damned sight more secure than it was before. Here's to the next few weeks and a completed job (please...).

I really shouldn't make it sound as of Graham's been anything less than a considerate and first rate roofer and general builder - I'd happily recommend his services to anyone (unlike several other people who've done work for us in recent years). In fact, if you're in need of work doing, here's a shot showing his number.

He works solo, so you don't have crowds of spotty youths on modern-apprenticeships standing around the house slurping your tea and leaving old tobacco packets lying around the garden (no names, no pack drill, they know who they are). The solo work can be a bit frightening like when Graham managed to fire a nail gun through his hand, pinning himself to a purlin whilst dangling from the rooftop; he was back at work next day, mind. Now there's dedication for you; that would've been several weeks off for me! Go on, give him a bell.

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