Sunday, September 16, 2007

Visiting Dozybean again

EarMatt was out earning the household's daily bread when Mrs The Millbrooker and I descended upon Dozybean demanding tea flavoured refreshment, so the lady of the house and her Mum manhandled the deckchairs into position for a spot of sitting in the courtyard for decorous slurping.

I think that in the course of a pleasant hour or so we more or less decided Ear Matt's future career, where he will be living and how much he's going to earn. I'm sure Dozybean will pass on the Politburo's decisions.

Interestingly, EarMatt being a very practical fellow, he has fitted his bicycle with a special saddle which allows a clear passage for on-the-move farting from the sitting position thus assisting in forward motion using self-fuelled jet propulsion. How very sensible.

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