Thursday, September 20, 2007

We're away again. No more posts until 02nd/3rd October

It's late September, so we're not going to get the lovely summer sunsets from the patio at Trebrivan like the one above, but we're heading back for a short autumn break away from the internet and telephone etc. Lots of lovely wine, lots of lovely runny cheese and a blazing log burner.

So this means no more drivel from me for a few days. We'll be back in the country late on Monday 01st October and I'll start posting my usual rubbish again next day or the one after that. Look after yourselves until then.

Meanwhile - the hit counter is looking good. We're over 3000 hits now: goodness me but you must be gluttons for punishment. This blogging nonsense is never going to make me rich, but it's given me some decent giggles. Thanks for reading. See you again in 10 days or so.

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