Sunday, October 07, 2007

At the end of a party

A speculative trip to the D&C by Mrs The Millbrooker and me last night paid dividends as we bumped into Dong & Shazzeroonypoos who were about to indulge in some of Russell's edible fare. They didn't seem too perturbed by us sitting and watching them guzzle their soup, bean chilli and whitebait, so we plonked ourselves down and happily yapped the evening away.

I do hope that Shazzeroonypoos' choice of bean chilli didn't end up burning the duvet or having the warships answering back from Devonport in the early hours of the morning. I'm sure Dong thoughtfully left a window open.

The real action in Millbrook, though, was taking place elsewhere as there had been something of a wedding going on. I believe that celebrations were continuing at the Cawsand Bay Hotel as we sat and blethered away. Some wedding guests had strayed into the D&C; the rugby on the telly might have been the primary attraction. They were easily spotted by their best-bib-and-tucker outfits and mild-to-extreme inebriated states.

I found myself inexplicably drawn into a drama being played out behind Dong's left ear where a "tired and emotional" girlfriend was trying to explain her utterly sloshed thoughts on his behaviour to her nicely sailor-suited boyfriend.
To protect the innocent, identities have been disguised, but I do have to thank the couple for a great evenings' entertainment.

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