Sunday, October 14, 2007

Long long ago...

Once upon a time, way back in the mists of time...oh, you get the idea...The Millbrooker had never even heard of Millbrook and thought that the world ended at Freshford in Somerset.

The he married and found himself with three step children at the tender age of twenty.

The marriage didn't last the course - such is the way of things. But the step children are still out there.

I've not seen them in the flesh for many years, but I'm hoping to get together with Ellie (the youngest of that brood) this autumn. Ellie has a son called Raki and a cafe called Barika both of which keep her very busy. This is Ellie:
Simon, the eldest of the three has one of the most enviable jobs in the history of the world which mostly involves drinking, flying around the USA and various exotic locations to hold and attend parties and being a nice bloke in return for a decent salary and expense account.

Here's a recent shot of him in Sydney harbour...

Yes, ladies, he's single...but you'll need to move to New York.

You never know, they might make it to Millbrook one day. After all, everybody washes up here eventually.

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