Monday, October 29, 2007

Yep - I've got internet access

The Daily(ish) nonsense can continue from the frozen northern lands of Doncaster. The RMT training centre is fully equipped and I'm sitting at the computer nearest the camera in the shot above typing this utter drivel.

I don' t know my fellow agitators well enough to start taking snapshots left, left and centre of them, but I might get a couple of photos later on.

What can one say about Doncaster? Possibly the most interesting factette is that the training centre (which is very close to the main shopping area) is also slap in the middle of the red light district. Jolly good, that puts me in familiar territory then. I've always liked red light districts.

We're told that if you have a room at the front of the building you can often hear what sounds like a pair of working girls screaming at each other, but this is apparently only them talking to each other as they work opposite sides of a fairly busy main road. I have a room at the front, so I'll let you know if I hear anything.

We've been given goody-bags of RMT knick-knacks like mini-torches that show the RMT logo in their beam, an RMT branded memory stick for PCs and a little tin of mints. How very generous of our kind hosts.

It's going to be an uphill battle to return home at the same weight as I was when I left at stupid-o-clock this morning. It's fully catered: full English breakfast, buffet lunch, three course dinner. Non-profit bar (example - glass of port 60 pence). Luckily for me a Brother from Plymouth is also trying to watch his weight, and we're offering each other moral support. Once he's finished ringing home we're off for a good leg stretch to keep the old metabolism in the higher echelons of efficiency and burn off a couple of excess calories.

Right - off we go. Let's see what tomorrow brings when we start getting into the meat of the course and doubtless get righteously shirty about all sorts of appalling management shenanigans. I'm pleased to report that the general consensus here is that our common employer is, and I think I quote accurately, "shit".

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