Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fascinating words....

During a visit to see Dr Scaggy the other day we fell into conversation about English usage, just as you'd expect from a visit to your GP to ask for some antibiotics.

He's recently come across a delightful word which we both thought was a made-up one but which is good enough to make it officially into the language.

The word is "decalligrate" and is used to describe the loss of handwriting ability due to overuse of a keyboard. We didn't discuss whether it could be a noun - a decalligrate would be a person who uses a keyboard so often that their handwriting has become poor, or a verb - to decalligrate. It could certainly be used adjectively: "his decalligrated script".

I'm going to try and drop "decalligrate" into conversation as often as possible, see if it appears in the OED in a few years.

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