Friday, November 30, 2007

If the weather's cruddy...

Yesterday the sun shone, there was a gentle breeze and my old friend Chris and I took a goodly walk through Withnoe Barton to the cliff road and back through Cawsand and Kingsand stopping for a cheeky pint at the Riser.

Today it's wet, cold, windy and generally horrid - so it must be the day for delivering parish newsletters. Yep, Chris and I could be found this afternoon trudging damply and determinedly through four of the delivery rounds. We wrapped up warm, put on our best waterproofs and asked each other if we were having fun yet...

Here's Chris helping out with the pre-delivery sorting just before he got exceedingly wet in the cause of good community relations:
So if you live on or close to Newport Street, Blindwell, St John's Road or Molesworth Terrace - you now know all about parish matters from the newsletter. If you live elsewhere, you'll get your copy soon. In the meantime in the spirit of helpfulness here's a picture of the pile yet to be delivered:

Yes - very soon one of these very sheets will be plopping onto your doormat; possibly delivered by yours truly or the ever-helpful Chris Arnold who only came to Millbrook for a bit of break and we've set him to work! Many other willing volunteers will be traipsing around with newsletters in the coming few days - do be kind to them.

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