Monday, November 26, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, please raise your glasses...

To Auntie Jean....

Saturday night was Safari Supper night, commencing at Lynny and Richie's eyrie-like abode for soup and bubbly. Almost immediately before leaving for the evening's gluttony, I had a 'phone call from my Auntie Jean (who is actually my first cousin once removed, but you didn't really need to know that).

Auntie Jean is a regular blog reader and usually logs on each weekend to see what we've all been up to in Millbrook. I promised her that at the beginning of the Safari Supper we'd raise a glass in her honour and the photo shows that very event taking place with (from left to right) Shazzerooneypoos, Dong (hiding), Lynny, Richie "comb-over" Meeson, Mrs The Millbrooker and Tony's arm all saluting my legendary Auntie.

A quick word about Tony. He was renamed on Saturday, by Richie, as "The Sump". This name describes his natural talent for soaking up any last drops of beverage. I liked the name so much that I've appropriated it; from now on Mr Mann will have the honorary title of The Sump in these drivellings as well.

To get things going with this in mind, here's The Sump looking happy, sitting next to Lynny, as he is about to tuck into a scrummy pudding:

We enjoyed the previously mentioned soup (leek and potato) at Lynny and Richie's. We slurped merrily at The Sump's pad on a delicious beef casserole which had been made by Mrs The Sump who was, sadly, too poorly to join in the fun and had taken to her bed. Hope you're feeling better, Sue!

Puddings were consumed with much lip smacking at Dong's place. Shazzerooneypoos had done us proud with banana and toffee tartlets and chocolate encased orange mousse.

We finished off with cheese and biccies at Millbrooker Towers where some of us also waded into the single malt. Here's the Dong'n'Shaz show towards the evening's end sitting next to Mrs The Millbrooker:
A fine evening, thanks to everyone for their hard work and marvellous entertaining skills - we can all pat ourselves on the back. I think we get to do starters next time.

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