Thursday, November 15, 2007

Millbrook makes the national news

Yesterday's Independent led on a long running campaign to lower the number of plastic carrier bags given away in this country. The bags are both wasteful and polluting; we should all use less packaging and fewer disposable items - that's a given at Millbrooker Towers.
Anyway, there we are on page three of the Indy, not displaying our nipples,but proudly showing our green credentials.

Pleasingly, Millbrook is out there helping to lead the country in being kinder to the environment in this simple and effective way. All credit must go to Widecombe Fayre, the Co-op and the village Spar for actively starting the movement towards no "give-away" bags in Millbrook.
The headline in the Indy "Towns Planning to Ban Bags", though, is a tad misleading. The word "ban" might imply some action on the part of a local authority. Not to mention that Millbrook is still very much a village (albeit a large one). In this instance the lead has come entirely from the shop owners and business people of Millbrook who are either not supplying new plastic bags at all (Widecombe's and the Co-op) or only supplying them if requested (Spar).
As evidenced by this excellent trend, it's quite possible and, indeed, preferable for shoppers to take their own re-usable bags. How about taking your own jars and bottles as well for powders and liquids? It's such a little thing to do to help preserve our planet.

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