Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One first class shindig coming up

Cousin Dave has made an announcement. There is to be a bit of a do in the slightly indeterminate future; once he's finished his degree at Plymouth College of Art and Design and he's stopped hanging bits of mirror from trees and taking photos of them.

The grand, excellent, celebration-worthy and all-round bleedin' wonderful news is that Penny Potter is going to make an honest man of Millbrook's finest Stevie Wonder impersonator.

Yep - the short hairy Cousin has succeeded in landing himself a bride-to-be. The wedding date is to be decided - watch this space (amongst others) - but a wedding there is to be. I do love a good wedding.

Fellow Millbrookians who've not yet had the chance to check the lovely Ms Potter out in the flesh should high tail it to the pre-Christmas jewellery-and-nice-things party at Milbrooker Towers on Friday week where you can give her the once over and ask her about her obviously appalling taste in men.

I'm sure everyone will join in offering our warmest congrats to the pair of them.

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