Wednesday, December 05, 2007

An Afternoon With Dozybean & YarMatt

Mrs The Millbrooker's train trundled into Plymouth about three quarters of an hour late after her overnight stay in Bath, visiting her Mum and attending her clever-clogs-big-brain Masters Degree course.
Shortly after arrival we found ourselves at YarMatt and Dozybean's pad, not far from the station where Mrs The Millbrooker displayed even more talents beyond being very clever, this time involving a terrific dexterity at blowing balls.
The purpose of the visit was to take the young parents-to-be for a bit of a slap up lunch; mission was accomplished with some aplomb by trogging down to La Tasca for tapas and beer. I've not tried this place before, but I'll definitely go there again. The food was very tasty, the atmosphere very pleasant and the beer plentiful. It made quite a change to try a new way of dining (new for me; Dong and Shazzerooneypoos are old hands at this).
YarMatt and Dozybean tucked in with some relish, look at that lovely grub:After filling our tummies with fine Spanish style fare we explored some shops looking for Christmas ideas, but it might have all got a bit much as we wandered through the furniture department at Derry's.Thank you to the Derry's staff who kindly didn't throw us out.

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