Monday, December 03, 2007

And the cheesy grin of the year award goes to...

Shazzerooneypoos arrived for film club last night after travelling from London where she'd spent some of the weekend on work and study related activity which seemed to mostly involve swanning around Fortnum and Mason's food hall.

Luckily for us she brought back a very yummy jar of olives which were completely demolished in one sitting despite having doubtlessly cost more the average mortgage. I have to admit having devoured far more than my fair share of them.

The photo above shows Auntie Sharon herself showing off the Fortnum & Mason's bag in which said olives were transported with Dong trying for the best grinning in a supporting role award.

Within the jar of olives was a whole red chilli as added flavour. Shazzer very unkindly dared me to eat it, which I did. It hurt. I may have turned a bit puce and certainly produced copious volumes of sweat and hiccoughs. The event has been captured on video and I promised to put it up on YouTube, but I'm only allowed to upload 100mb and the video's 129mb, so that's not happening I'm afraid.

So we'll just have to satisfy ourselves with a close up of the winner of this year's cheesy grin award:

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