Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Au revoir Monsieur Le Dong et Mademoiselle Shazzerooneypoos

Dong and Shazzer are off skiing. I've alluded to this eminently hazardous activity in these postings before and despite my obviously sensible advice Lush Lewis is still going ahead and will soon be hurtling down some very chilly mountainsides whilst squealing in an alarmed and alarming manner.

Anyway, because of their imminent departure, last night was our last opportunity to see them and wish them a Merry Christmas before they leave our shores (along with several other intrepid people) to mount their assault on the French Alps.

We began immediately after a mercifully uncontentious planning meeting (Auntie Sharon, Mrs The Millbrooker and yours truly all being on the Parish Council Planning Committee) at Dong's compact and bijou residence with a glass of jolly decent red stuff interrupted only twice by calls from my mate Jer who phoned the second time to wish us all a Merry Christmas after he'd run for a bus.

It wasn't long before we found ourselves in the D&C and a few lovely pints of Betty Stogs' ale flowed quickly down the hatch. It was good to see three quarters of the Elworthy clan (the ones we know, anyway) out and about; I believe they might have won Beano's Pop Quiz which was taking place in the D&C as we bade our farewells to Dong and Shazzerooneypoos. Auntie Sharon is obviously full of confidence about skiing; her last words to me were that she prefers seedless grapes (green ones) when she's lying around with a leg or three in plaster.

So, bon voyage to the Millbrook Ski Team (Reserves) - a very Merry Christmas to you. Have a lovely time and we'll see you on New Year's Eve.

To all those readers who live close by and enjoyed last year's New Year's Eve with us: we're doing much the same this year. Feel free to drop by from around 7:30ish and stay for a drink or two or stay through until after midnight - it's intended to be a gentle, no pressure, evening. Come and go as you please. Drinking contributions will be gratefully accepted.

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