Monday, December 24, 2007


During festive drinkies and chats at Paul & Frances' house last night I learned that Softy Shazzerooneypoos is not responsible for the special Christmas carol for her moggies. She is responsible for the gourmet selection of cat food on offer to the spoilt furry creatures, but it was none other than Lynny Meeson who penned the We Three Cats carol on the sheets underneath each pile of meaty-treats.

Here in all its glory is the Millbrook version of the well known Christmas favourite, re-written by Lynny in her own inimitable style:

An enjoyable piece of tittle-tattle is that Lynny is acting as cat feeder and was quite surprised to find piles of washing lying around the supposedly empty house. Being completely unaware of our kaput washing machine (now replaced by a Starship Enterprise lookalike which confuses the hell out of me). Mrs The Millbrooker and I were very amused to find that she'd been cussing Dong to high heaven for supposedly leaving Auntie Sharon with loads of extra washing just when she was having to prepare for losing her skiing virginity. It wasn't Dong, Lynny, it was only us and we did the washing ourselves, honest.

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