Sunday, December 09, 2007

A New Cousin Dave Work of Art and How You Can Help

This is Cousin Dave's entry into a prestigious national competition for "warm" glass design.

It's called "Unite" and the competition is The Warm Glass Prize 2007; this is an annual competition and attracts loads of excellent entries from around the country. You can take a look at all the entries at and then click on the ""2007 entries" option.

Now, I think Dave's entry is a tremendous piece of work and I know we'd all like to see him do well. Even if he is a bit ugly and smelly.

So this is where you come in.

On 08th January the voting opens to find the five entries that will go forward to be judged by Philippa Beveridge. The five are chosen by number of votes received on the website. We all know what's going to happen: everyone who's entered will be getting all of their friends and colleagues to vote for them. That's just how it works. So Cousin Dave needs all the votes we can muster. There's only one vote per e-mail address allowed.

You can see Dave's work at His is about the sixth one down in the left hand column.

Don't feel you have to make an entry in your diary, I'll be reminding you again on or around the 08th January to get on the website and vote. Of course, you might decide that you like another entry better than Dave's. That's a chance we'll just have to take; I think Dave's is the best of the bunch and I hope you will too.

Remember a vote for Cousin Dave's work means a bigger sausage at our next barbecue; voting for anyone else will mean a "Prescott special" sausage and no onions (bribery and corruption, a great democratic weapon).

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