Saturday, December 01, 2007

Probably won't make me rich

About seven or eight weeks ago I had a sudden rush of blood to the head and thought I'd try flogging second hand books through Amazon Market Place; just a wee experiment, you understand.

I lashed out a fiver on five books of uncertain parentage at a charity shop, deliberately choosing some "minority" interest, non-fiction, good condition books just like all the how-to-do-it guides tell you.

The news today is that I've just sold the first one and it looks like I'll make a profit of around almost nothing at all. The book that someone's bought is illustrated above - it's a guide to looking after Shih Tzu dogs; fascinating stuff, I'm sure.

Still available from the original stock purchase at "The Millbrook Bookshop" on are:
"The Good Divorce Guide"
"Hidden Places of Devon and Cornwall"
"Practical Feng Shui"
Joanne Harris's "Blackberry Wine"

Somehow retirement doesn't seem any closer.

Reminds me of a favourite joke, though: "What's a shih tzu?" "One without any penguins."

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