Monday, December 31, 2007

Shazzerooneypoos' Christmas Glee

Dong & Auntie Sharon have arrived back safe and sound (apart from the odd bruise or two) from their alpine adventure. To prove it they turned up last night for Film Club (review to follow in short order).

Lush Lewis also proved how beautifully easy it is to buy her Christmas presents as she showed her delight at receiving a purple egg cosy and a sparkly purple elephant. Here she is with the egg cosy (sadly not very clearly shown as the flash was a bit bright). Note functioning and intact little legs still supporting her tiny frame after skiing.

And here she is displaying the famous cheesy grin as the purple elephant emerges from its wrapping.

Millbrook dwelling blog readers who know where Millbrooker Towers is are welcome to spend New Year's Eve with us "at home". It's just drinks and nibbles and (we hope) convivial company. No pressure to stay all night, we won't be remotely offended if you turn up for just a few minutes or for an hour or two or if you stay through until after midnight. Come and go as you please...(a small bottle shaped contribution will be appreciated if you're thinking of staying for more than a quickie!). Some rather scrummy Cremant d'Alsace fizzy stuff will be popped open at the witching hour for anyone who's still with us at that point.

To anyone who we don't see tonight...we wish you a very Happy New Year; may 2008 bring you everything you wish from it.

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