Saturday, January 26, 2008

Helping Richie to choose

During yesterday's Burns' Night celebration, Lynny had a little whinge about not having a special drink put aside for her half century birthday (which is due on the same day as mine) in 2013.

Richie "comb-over" Meeson and I each have a 1963 vintage port laid down for consumption on the appropriate 50th birthday; Lynny is feeling a bit left out.

Lynny likes bubbly drinks. For a special birthday, one feels that it should be a special bubbly drink. Richie might not entirely agree as he peruses the price list, but in the spirit of helpfulness here's a small selection.
A small prize is on offer to anyone who actually shows this posting to Lynny. (If Richie should call around to Millbrooker Towers, I've gone out).

First up: a Dom Perignon Rose.

This lovely drop of 1995 vintage which should "...hit its peak in 2-3 years, and last for a decade thereafter." can be found at

a snip at £209.97 the bottle.

Next, let's think of a properly priced slurp.

A Pommery Grand Cru, exactly the right sort of bubbly to celebrate fittingly. This one is "...from the stunning 1989 vintage..[and] offers explosive ripe apple and pear aromas and flavours..." The bottle on offer is a Methuselah which is eight standard bottles in one, perfect for the birthday celebration when friends have come around to offer their best wishes.

A positive bargain £539.97 (remember that's 8 bottles) and available from

Hmmm...I know we're thinking some years hence (five to be precise), but the prospect of draining such fine bottles seems such a good idea. Especially when someone else is paying.

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