Saturday, January 12, 2008

Meaty Treats in Millbrook

Yesterday saw yours truly slaving away in the undesigner kitchen; chopping pork, assembling my Christmas present and making the first of what I hope to be an almost endless supply of Rame Original Sausages. (If I ever achieve one of my daydream fantasies of making yummy sausages and selling them, this will have to do as a copyright for the brand name).

Needless to say, there was much cursing and swearing as I went on a steep learning curve about the fragility of sausage skins which seemed to split with a deliberate malice roughly every third sausage. Not to mention the apparent impossibility of making the damned things into approximately even lengths.

Like all things, though, practice makes perfect which goes some way to explaining why the sausages which comprise my first batch are anything but perfect. We'll be checking them out for tastiness this evening; they may not be ideally shaped but they should be a decent flavour (plenty of good pork, some garlic and seasoning).

Here's me proudly displaying the first ever plate load of Rame Original Pork & Garlic Sausages:

The 'fridge is currently rammed with Rame Originals in three flavours: the aforementioned pork & garlic, pork with homegrown sage and pork with ginger. A total of just over three kilos of dead pig stuffed into easily splittable condom substitutes. Mmmmm....

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