Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beauty and the Beast in Millbrook

Lizzie didn't get any flowers this year on Valentine's day. Boo! Although the current lack of love interest does make for a fairly peaceable household here at Millbrooker Towers.

Lizzie also doesn't get the opportunity to join us for film club on Sundays because she works at the Co-op on an evening shift every Sabbath day.

On film club night just gone the young lady in question arrived home after our film had finished and marched into the room with a large bucket of unsold red roses which she'd awarded herself in lieu of Valentine gifts. Well done her, I say.

Needless to say the camera soon got whipped from nestling on the sideboard. I haven't quite worked out why Frankenkeith decided he had to be in shot, but he provides an elegant contrast to the florally bedecked step-child.

I leave it to the reader's imagination as to who's who in the headline definition.

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