Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Mrs The Millbrooker & I are still heading to the D&C on most Monday evenings for the Tony Harris Band's jazz and jamming session. Seen in the headline shot is one of the regular saxophonists Dan Hillman as he extemporises around the theme from Honeysuckle Rose (a particular favourite of mine).

It's been a while since I blethered on about these great musical evenings; it's not an easy thing to continually find new written expressions for an aural art form. So, I'll just suggest again to anyone who finds themselves in Millbrook on a Monday and a bit unsure of what to do with themselves - go to the D&C and enjoy the great sounds on offer from this talented bunch.

There are still a couple of places left available for the Irving Berlin night at Mount Edgcumbe this coming Friday...but quite literally only a couple, so if you want a great evening's entertainment...get in touch with Tony, give him a paltry few quid and turn up at 7:30pm at the House.

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