Monday, March 03, 2008

Mother's Day Treat

As it was Mother's Day yesterday Dozybean and YarMatt arrived at Millbrooker Towers for a nice cup of tea and a sit down so that Mrs The Millbrooker could be feted in appropriate style. The opportunity to pass on lots of baby things was not lost, however. The small parents-to-be were loaded with baby sized nighties and other accoutrements for pink wrinkly things that gurgle and poo. YarMatt had fun attempting to struggle into the baby sling (or is it a strange bondage device for private use only?) Mrs The Millbrooker was then taken out by number one daughter for a slap up lunch at the D&C to mark Mother's Day. The proud mum and soon-to-be-nana is seen below resplendent in her finery and about to tuck into her starter of goat's cheese and smoked salmon pate.
Lizzie broke off from her endless artistic labours to watch everyone else eat and to steal YarMatt's Guinness instead of having a starter. Despite all outward appearances, YarMatt tucked in with gusto, and was not remotely stoned. It should be said that he only had a single Guinness, although at times when checking the photos this might be hard to believe. The intrepid luncheon gobblers vainly tried to walk off their excessive calorie intake with a circuit of the lake at the best paced waddle that Dozybean can currently manage. Dozybean enjoyed a helping hand from her ever attentive carer as she struggled up the slope of a runnel back homeward. I'm given to understand that YarMatt enjoys this exercise in bottom pushing and encourages the ascent of as many slopes as he can find. And there you have it; Mrs The Millbrooker had a smashing time and felt completely valued and appreciated as is only right on the only day of the year given over to saying "thank you" to our mums.

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