Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rampant commercialism infects The Daily(ish) Millbrook

The more eagle-eyed reader might have noticed two whacking great logos on the right hand side of these pages.

One leads to, the other to ABE books (who specialise in text books and difficult to find titles).

With the Amazon button, you can type in what you're looking for before clicking and the link will go straight to the search results (I tried it with "Manon des Sources" and it went straight to the page where I could have bought the DVD). Or you can just click the button and it'll take you to Amazon's homepage.

There will soon be a button for ebay as well, once I've successfully found my way through the myriad tick boxes and assorted nonsense required to get a link from them.

What I'm asking is that if you're going to buy from any of these people, or even just sign up as a customer - please click the links from this blog to reach their online shopping experience. It gives me a few pennies at the end of the year It really is a few pennies - last year I made £11.41 gross, so I've jazzed up the links a bit in the vain hope that I might make £12.50 this year.
Thank you, your generosity in using the links will be much appreciated!

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