Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thoughts on Grandparental Titles

A pair of proud and happy grandparents on the night their grandson was born.

Ever since Dozybean and YarMatt announced their impending parenthood there has been a slight debate over what any of us grandparents should be called by the new sproglet. Mrs The Millbrooker, without any hesitation, plumped for her family tradition: Nana.

I ummed and aahed; perhaps "Grandsire" had a certain elegance, perhaps "Grandpapa" would conjure up the appropriate degree of respect and awe in the little tyke. In the end I announced that "The Dragon Lord" would be a suitable form of address from a small person to much larger (and possibly rather dim) one.

Dozybean and YarMatt have taken me at my word and we're all looking forward to what a toddler's version of "Dragon Lord" might turn out as. "GagaLa" perhaps. "Dadonoh" is another possibility. Whatever it comes out as, it's likely to stick and that's fine by me.

I just have to hope that Cousin Dave's thought - that my grandfatherly name would emerge from a two-year-old's lips as "doggy turd" is not a true prediction.

Cousin Dave is a VERY BAD MAN, as evidenced in his treatment of one of Lizzie's garments a while ago, so nothing he ever says should be taken seriously or believed (unless it's about Dong)

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