Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What is it about Arnolds?

Wandering through the edges of Exmoor last weekend, the path took us down through some woodland and we discovered that we were walking on something that my old mucker Chris Arnold must have had something to do with:
Checking with Mr Chambers in his wonderful dictionary, I find that a linhay is a "shed, open at the front". However, I think it becomes far more interesting if one simply removes the apostrophe with the help of my poor-man's photoshop program....

This has the effect of making the word linhay into a verb, thus the instruction to Arnolds is to linhay to Lynmouth.

I like to think of Chris linhaying away like mad...perhaps a better definition of linhay than "shed, open at the front" would be a "west country lindy-hop to be performed only on rainy weekends on Exmoor whilst wearing walking kit". Obviously all persons called Arnold would be obliged to perform this dance upon passing the sign.

Over to you, Chris.

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