Monday, April 07, 2008

Bus Passes from Truro

During a brief discussion last night with Frankenkeith I was reminded that I haven't yet received my new all-singing-all-dancing national off-peak bus pass.

Those kindly folk at Westminster decreed a while back that from 01st April this year anyone who has a concessionary bus pass from their local authority (so that's Frankenkeith and me for starters) is entitled to a new national pass giving free local bus travel throughout England on off-peak services. Hooray!

However, County Hall at Truro, despite their promise that everyone would have their passes before the deadline date have only just sent the things out. Does this bode well for the new "One Cornwall" unitary council which will be even bigger and more unwieldy? I think not.

I know this because I've just finished a 'phone conversation with one of their helpful operatives.

The first batch of new passes were posted (2nd class, I might add) on Wednesday of last week, with successive batches being posting on the following working days. They reckon that everyone will have their new pass by Wednesday of this week. In the meantime Plymouth Citybus and Torbay buses have agreed to accept the old "Cornish Key" as an interim measure.

Here ends the public information broadcast.

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