Thursday, May 22, 2008

The D & C Doggies

After a deeply fascinating parish council meeting in which us highly important types earnestly discussed the internal running of the Millbrook politburo and whether we liked current plans for parking restrictions (try to stay with me, here; I know it's not very gripping), a trip to the D&C seemed in order for Councillors Shazzerooneypoos, Dong, Mrs The Millbrooker and me.

We enjoyed a brief continuation of council discussions over a tankard or two of Russell's finest Otter Ale before our fringe meeting was disturbed by the pub's pair of pooches scampering under our table and taking up positions to view the outside world from the nearby window sill.

Unfortunately for the small animals, Dawn had closed the curtains a few minutes before. Not to be daunted by such an obstacle to their world-viewing pleasures, the wee mutts circumvented the drapery and spent a happy few minutes of seemingly headless enjoyment barking and tail wagging at passing non-pub-dwelling dogs.

Yep, they're contented little fellows.

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