Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pssst....wanna buy a holiday?

This is where I do the impersonation of the dodgy character with something to sell.

True on both counts, I guess.

Brand new to the interweb is a site written and created and agonised over by me (and a bit by Mrs The Millbrooker who spotted lots of spelling mistakes and typos).

We're advertising holiday rentals in our hideaway in Brittany; it's ludicrously inexpensive (note careful use of wording there, Dong) especially if there's four or more of you. Try dividing the high season cost by six (that's how many people can sleep there) and you'll find you can have holiday accommodation in July and August for £40 a head for a week! You can have it for even less at other times of the year.

Being inexpensive doesn't mean it's not in a good spot, nor that the house isn't comfortable - please take a look at the site, even if it's just to be nosey. Trebrivan is a smashing spot for a relaxing time and this is your chance to read all about it. Dong & Shazzerooneypoos have sampled its delights, as have lots of others - the visitors' book at the house makes very nice reading for us.

The link is and will be permanently at the top of the links on the right of this site.

Happy holidays!

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