Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Safari Supper Approaches

Which reminds me about a thing I heard on the radio a week or two back. I think it was Lucy Porter talking about giraffes who said that they are the gayest animal on safari with some pretty high percentage of long necked rumpty-tumpty being boy giraffe only action. I'm quite sure you wanted to know that.

Apparently, according to Ms Porter, they're also into lesbianism but this can lead to whiplash injury.

Anyway - I didn't really intend to write about giraffes and their mating behaviour, fascinating though it is.

What I wanted to let safari supper participants know is that their starter is safely solidifying as per recipe in the fridge at Millbrooker Towers. Here's a rare peek into the chaotic privacy of another household's fridge for all foodie voyeurs:

Saturday's starter is in the ramekins on the bottom shelf, and is in no way made from the contents of the tin balanced precariously at the top right. In the immortal words of Rolf Harris, "Can you giss what it is yit?"

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BathNick said...

Hi Peeps of TheMillbooker, Having viewed with interest your rank of ramekins (Relatives of Rame?) I truly cannot guess what it is yit. Please inform and perhaps a recipe link would be appropriate? Ta - NickC