Monday, May 26, 2008

Wriggly Baby does art

Saturday afternoon, after completing a stupid o'clock shift at work I joined Mrs The Millbrooker and Dozybean for a bite of lunch at the new(ish) Art Frame Gallery cafe.

Reuben, or Wriggly Baby as he should probably be known for fairly obvious reasons, was taken for an early years viewing of original art. As can be seen from the headline shot, he was totally blown away by the skilled work on show.

I must say that the cafe is a very good light-lunch stop; good tasty fare at not unreasonable prices. And you get to look at some impressive artworks as well; there is some dross on offer, too, but we'll gloss over that - probably the best thing to do with it.

Wriggly Baby didn't spend the whole time fast asleep on his eighth weekiversary; Dragon Lord got a lengthy cuddle as the small wrigglesworth admired the holes in the pegboard lined wall which seemed to fascinate him far more than boring old paintings.

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