Saturday, June 07, 2008

So long for a week....

I'm writing this on the upstairs computer without access to my usual supply of photos or anything else, hence the lack of colourful illustrations and silly captions.
Let me tell you about the last few days.

On Thursday (as every day this week) I got up at the crack of sparrow fart (that'll be 03:45, then), climbed reluctantly into a taxi and did a full shift at work. Then, unlike every other day this week, I went to Refugees First and did a three hour teaching session. Upon getting home I sorted a thousand parish newsletters into rounds and then Mrs The Millbrooker and I delivered about 230 of them in the Newport Street Area, St John's Road and Blindwell Hill. By this time it was getting too dark to deliver any more, so we set off to the D&C.

We did have a very nice pint of Otter, but the purpose of the sojourn to the best hostelry in town was to corner Russell for information about the buffet that he's going to be providing for Nicky's forthcoming birthday bash. Speaking of which, some of you will have received emailed invitations with attached proper invitations; sorry about not sending out hard copies - time has been of the essence (and it's better for the environment).

Friday saw us driving up to Bolventor to visit the appallingly touristy and unwelcoming Jamaica Inn (a good old tirade will follow when time allows) and a lovely afternoon with Anal and Sandybum who are holidaying in this neck of the woods. we then had to hightail it to Plymouth for the opening of Wizzers' end-of-course art exhibition, making back later than anticipated for an evening meal in the good old D&C (thank you, Russell and Mark for tolerating our tardiness).

Today, we've been doing Wizzers' birthday outing which involved a picnic on the Cheesewring and sorting out the living room at Millbrooker Towers for her evening do of drinks and nibbles prior to the younger folk migrating to some club or other in Plymouth.

In between all that we're packing for our hard earned holiday which starts tomorrow at 06:10 when have leave for the ferry to Roscoff.

Phew.....that goes some way towards explaining the dearth of postings this week.

There'll be lots more detail and lots of silliness and gossip once we're back which will be on Monday 16th, but until then this is goodbye from me and goodbye from him. Be good or be careful. Thanks for reading and see you all again soon.

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