Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Wizzy Milestone

The last of the Millbrooker Towers younger generation has left her childhood years behind (although in terms of being frighteningly more adult than a certain Millbrooker whom we all know this happened a while ago).

Yes, Wizzy turned 18 yesterday; being a Monday the celebrations were more muted than might be expected. Wizzy was hard at work at art college for most of the day although she managed to break out for a little light lunching at The Espresso Bar where YarMatt, Dozybean, Wriggly Baby and Mrs The Millbrooker were there to mark the occasion with a spot of salad (this is Wizzy, remember) and a pot of tea. Yours truly was able to join the luncheoners about halfway through their munching after finishing a stupid o'clock shift.

YarMatt took the photo below, so missed out on being immortalised (although there is a cracker of him looking distinctly ESN, to use a very un-PC acronym in, "complete photosets").

After all too brief a break from her end-of-course labours, Wizzy was back to college and we next caught up with her back at Millbrooker Towers when she was able to spend a bit of time tearing into wrapping paper (quite neatly, Wizzy doesn't really do messy) and opening cards. Her big present will have to be opened on another day as it's still being sought after, but she enjoyed getting lots of nice things, including a necklace from Thelma (the world's best barmaid and number one Monday night jazz fan) and lots of nice things from Shazzerooneypoos.
Being a Monday the day ended with Wizzy fronting the Tony Harris Band at the D&C, after she'd performed the ritual that all younger Millbrooker Towers dwellers have had to go through - buying Mrs The Millbrooker and me a pint. It's a small recompense for umpteen years of expense, but the beer does taste lovely when one of the young clan gets it for you. Here's Wizzers checking out yet more cards next to the recently purchased pints and a legally bought vodka and coke for herself:

Last, but by no means least, here's the birthday girl doing her thing with a Shure SM58:
I'm sure readers will join us in wishing Wizzy a very happy birthday; it might have been yesterday, but an 18th can easily be stretched to a week.

All the photos from the day are on the "complete photosets" link on the right for anyone who wants to see lots of pictures of Wizzers opening things and one of YarMatt looking like
D P Gumby.

Altogether now....
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Wiiiizzeeee
Happy Birthday to you

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